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Formation Finance commits to mapping out a clear path to finance your commercial property transactions, via various debt solutions. We specialise in financing commercial property assets and source funding via bank, institutional and private lenders for the following types of commercial properties:


Commercial property buyers love us because we :

Commercial property loan types:


Applying for a commercial property loan is much more complex than a residential property, banks don’t publish their pricing and lending policies vary widely.

It is for these reasons that many high net worth investors choose to deal with a specialist commercial mortgage broker when buying a commercial investment property.

  • Experience: A great mortgage broker won’t just get you a loan, they’ll help to guide you through your purchase.
  • Specialisation: Are you involved in a complex transaction? A mortgage broker that specialises in that type of finance can get you a better result.
  • Relationships: Knowing the decision-makers with each lender can make all the difference.
  • Competitive pricing: When a loan is submitted by a broker, the banks know they have more competition and a well-informed borrower.
  • Flexible lending policies: Access to lenders with different risk appetites and funding sources allows for larger loan sizes and less restrictive terms.